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LS型螺旋输送机等效采用ISO1050-75标准,设计制造符合ZBJ81005.1~2-88《 LS螺旋输送机 》专业标准。LS型螺旋输送机直径由100mm~1250mm,共十二种规格,分为单驱动和双驱动两种形式,单驱动螺旋输送机最大长度可达40m(特大型30m),双驱动螺旋输送机采用中间断开轴结构,最大长度可达80m(特大型60m),螺旋输送机长度级差每0.5m一档,可根据需要选定,螺旋输送机头部轴承、尾部轴承置于壳体外部减少了灰尘对轴承室的侵入提高了螺旋机关键件的使用寿命。中间吊轴承采用滚动、滑动可互换的两种结构,阻力小、密封性强、耐磨性好。滑动轴承的轴瓦有粉末冶金、尼龙和巴氏合金等多种材料供用户根据不同的场合选用。吊轴承机外侧置式油杯,便于集中加油润滑。进出料口位置布置灵活,并增设电动型出料口,便于自动控制,还可根据用户要求,配置测速报警装置。
Product overview
   Screw conveyor is widely used in building material, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, machinery, light industry, food and the food industry, is suitable for conveying powder, granulated and small lump materials, such as cement, coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, ash, sand, coke, etc.;Should not be transporting perishable materials, big viscosity, easy to agglomerate.Screw conveyor working environment temperature is usually - 20 ~ 40 ℃, the temperature of the conveying material is commonly - 20 ~ 80 ℃, screw conveyor is suitable for level and layout of the small Angle, inclination Angle with no more than 15 ° advisable, such as the Angle is too large, please choose GX series screw conveyor, or contact our technical department to design alone.
   Type LS screw conveyor equivalent made ISO1050-75 standard, design and manufacture accord with ZBJ81005.1 ~ 2-88 LS screw conveyor professional standards.Type LS screw conveyor diameter from 100 mm to 1250 mm, a total of 12 kinds of specifications, can be divided into single and double drive two forms, single drive screw conveyor maximum length can reach 40 m (oversize 30 m), double drive screw conveyor with middle shaft structure, the maximum length of 80 m (oversize 60 m), the length of the screw conveyor differential every 0.5 m a, can choose according to need, screw conveyor head bearing, the tail bearing under the external reduce dust to the invasion of the bearing chamber improves the service life of screw machine key-module.Suspension bearing adopts rolling, sliding interchangeable among two kinds of structure, small resistance, sealing strong, good wear resistance.Sliding bearing shell powder metallurgy, nylon and babbitt and so on the many kinds of material selection for user according to different occasions.Lateral suspension bearing machine type oil cup, to facilitate centralized lubrication.Front-rear mouth position arranged flexibly, and adding type electric discharging mouth, convenient automatic control, can also according to user requirements, speed alarm device.

Working Characteristic
1, large carrying capacity, safe and reliable.
2, strong adaptability, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.
3, the machine is small in size, high speed, ensure rapid delivery uniformity.
4, good sealing, shell made of seamless steel tube end use flange connection each other as a body, good rigidity.
Product Fetures
1, high efficiency of delivery: small diameter, high speed, varying pitch helix design, ensure that the product in the process of work smooth, rapid and uniform loading.
2, random arrangement: conveyor of the shell is made of high quality seamless steel tube by flange for whole paragraphs connection, rigid good, the whole level, or can be continuous transmission of large dip Angle, and can be connected directly with matching equipment fixed, without foundation, make full use of space, mobile, tear open outfit is very convenient.
3, reliable sealing, lubrication reliable sealing with no leakage, no waste of materials, and created a good working environment.
4, diversified connection: inlet and discharging mouth can use universal joint, bag, flange connection, but also with our factory production of butterfly valve, flashboard valve combination connection.
5, innovative design, advanced and reasonable design, combined with advanced manufacturing technology and perfect quality assurance system, make it has small volume, carrying large torque, low noise, low permeability oil etc.

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